Inspection and Testing
Gulf Gas Pipeline Installation and Supply Co. maintain a quality inspection and testing procedure in all stages from raw material selection to final installation for its consistency of the system.

Receiving Inspection & Testing

The incoming product routine check carried out against the test approval of central LPG system from the general directorate of civil defence, Dubai and also test approval installation for natural gas system from SEWA department of gas

Calibration of measuring equipments

The calibration of measuring equipments is carried out by external authorized agency / company. The equipments include :

Safety valves, pressure gauges, check lock level gauges, Regulator

Equipments :

Circuit Tester
Flow Meters
Hand Held Gas Detector
Gas Leak Test Device

There are number of fittings mounted on the top of the tank permit safe filling and use
Each tank should be kept locked
Each tile should be equipped with at least a magnetic level indicator.
A fixed maximum level gauge.
A shut off value for each connection of outlet pipes for both gases and liquid phase.
A double check valve in the filling connection.
Gas leak detection system
Gas tank in all OTS pipe are protected with Gas leak detection system
Control panel (including sensor) flushing light alarm
Horn 15% level and closing the gas supply at 30% level 0 to 100% indicator is zone.

Pipe Network Final Testing :

Nitrogen gas testing for filling line at 30 Bar.
Nitrogen testing & Purging for LPG Tanks
Penetrate test
Leak soap test for all joints
Visual Inspection for all joints
Nitrogen gas testing for all supply line at 6 Bar.

These above testing carried out as per the testing standards BS 3636 and BS 5482. Visual Inspection BS 5289

Final Test :

Tank Yard Area

Gas Tank installation
Gas tank deluge system functioning
Gas tank test pressure
Filling line test pressure
Earthen of filling line
Supply line test pressure

Detection System
Control panel functioning
Control panel connection
Detector 12V & 220V functioning

Acceptance Criteria
As per the supplier of the measuring gauges the acceptance criteria should not exceed more than 3%.

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